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Against All Odds: Women in Developing Countries Succeed in STEM Fields

They’re seeking cures for cancer and other diseases, and proving that women can excel in fields once forbidden to them.

But the global picture in general is grim for women in science and technology fields according to Susan Brink writing for US News and World Report.

The number of women working in those fields is on the decline. One study of some of the world’s largest economies, including the United States, the European Union, South Africa, Korea, Indonesia and India, found that in physics, computer sciences, and engineering the participation rate of women is 30 percent or less. In countries that have made an effort to increase the number of women studying science and technology, those efforts have not translated into more women actually working in the fields. “Access to education is not a solution in and of itself,” says Sophia Huyer, author of a 2012 report on a study of women in science and technology and executive director of Women in Global Science and Technology, an international organization that promotes women’s development in those fields.