Countries that work the most and their satisfaction rates

“Men and women are increasingly pressed for time and, as a result, struggle to meet their work and family responsibilities.” So stated a June 2014 White House report entitled Nine Facts About American Families and Work. The report revealed that 46% of working Americans said their job demands interfered with their family life “sometimes or often,” […]

Countries where you’re more likely to have a female boss

  According to US research firm Expert Market, which looked at data from the International Labour Organisation Statistical Office (ILO) 2014, there are three countries that have a higher percentage of female CEOs than men.   Jamaica gets top ranking where almost 60% of women are in managerial positions.  Columbia and St. Lucia rank second and […]

Differences between a Boss and a Leader

Every business and work group has a boss, but a much smaller number has a leader. The differences are clear: A boss drives others; a leader coaches them toward their best performance. A boss instills fear; a leader inspires enthusiasm. A boss blames others; a leader works to help repair the damage and understand what […]

Catering to Women Travelers – Hotels With Women-Only Floors

Women now make up nearly half of all business travelers in the United States and abroad, and most of them are solo travelers reports Yahoo Travel. So it’s no surprise that in recent years, more hotels have been clamoring to offer services catering to women’s needs and preferences. The 812-room Bella Sky Comwell in Copenhagen opened in […]

Against All Odds: Women in Developing Countries Succeed in STEM Fields

They’re seeking cures for cancer and other diseases, and proving that women can excel in fields once forbidden to them. But the global picture in general is grim for women in science and technology fields according to Susan Brink writing for US News and World Report. The number of women working in those fields is […]

Women Fare Worse in Negotiations Because Others More Likely to Lie to Them

Jane C. Hu, Ph.D. in psychology from the University of California–Berkeley, writes in Slate why women fare worse in negotiations.  Simple.  People lie to them. Researchers at the University of California–Berkeley and the University of Pennsylvania asked MBA students to participate in role-plays of face-to-face negotiations. The faux negotiation took the form of a real […]

Women Leaders Afraid to be seen as Bossy

Almost half of those attending last week’s Network of Executive Women Executive Leaders Forum say women are afraid to be seen as “bossy.” More than 200 leaders in the mostly female audience shared their opinions at a live Town Hall polling event, July 30 in Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif. Asked why “women are reluctant to […]

Wooing women into manufacturing

A study from Deloitte and the Manufacturing Institute cited the perception of a male-favoured culture as a key driver of women’s under representation in the industry. It is a widely held notion that gender bias has spread its roots in the industry since time immemorial and now it is so strong that women are excluded […]

Google Wants More Young Women in Computer Science

Less than one per cent of high school girls think of computer science as part of their future, even though it’s one of the fastest-growing fields in the U.S. today with a projected 4.2 million jobs by 2020, according to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics. Google gave the Associated Press an early look at […]

Ranking of Countries Best for Women Entrepreneurs

Dell recently announced the results of the second annual Gender-Global Entrepreneurship and Development Index (GEDI).  The U.S., Australia and Sweden rank the highest, respectively.  The study revealed that more than 75 percent of countries surveyed are not meeting the most fundamental conditions required for female entrepreneurs to prosper. USA (83) Australia (80) Sweden (73) France […]