Countries where you’re more likely to have a female boss

  According to US research firm Expert Market, which looked at data from the International Labour Organisation Statistical Office (ILO) 2014, there are three countries that have a higher percentage of female CEOs than men.   Jamaica gets top ranking where almost 60% of women are in managerial positions.  Columbia and St. Lucia rank second and […]

Women Leaders Still Lagging

Most Americans find women indistinguishable from men on key leadership traits such as intelligence and capacity for innovation, yet Pew Research Center reports women still make up a small share of top leadership jobs. US Senate  20% US House  19.3% State Legislatures  24% Fortune 500 CEOs  5.2% Fortune 500 Board Members  16.9% College Presidents  26.4% […]

Key Decisions Obama Delaying Until After the Election

President Obama has seen his personal polling numbers fall, his policies remain unpopular and questions have been raised by Members of both parties and the media regarding his leadership abilities.  Few liberal candidates want the President to campaign with them and even fewer want to have to answer to voters on whether they agree with […]

Democrat Women in Congress Outnumber GOP Women 3-1

Political Parity, a nonpartisan organization striving for women parity in elected office, notes that Democrat women in Congress currently outnumber their GOP counterparts by a 3-1 margin. Interestingly, just 30 years ago, the breakdown was equal.  During President Reagan’s second term, 25 women served in Congress; 13 Republicans and 12 Democrats.  Today, there are 99 […]

Congress Shows Bipartisanship and Does Some Good For Kids

The Richmond Times-Dispatch opines on the liberals’ attempt to demonize a bill pushed by Majority Leader Eric Cantor that transfers roughly $100 million from the Presidential Election Campaign Fund — a taxpayer subsidy for presidential nominating conventions — to research on pediatric ailments at the National Institutes of Health Wiser heads prevailed, and the other day […]

British Woman Sets World Record for Cycling to the South Pole

Welsh Adventurer Maria Leijerstam, 35, pedalled 500 miles across the icy wilderness of Antarctica to win her gruelling record attempt after four years of training. She managed it in just ten days – 12 days ahead of schedule despite “vicious conditions” across the frozen continent. Her three-wheel bicycle and daring route gave her the edge […]

Most of Norway’s Top Diplomats Are Women

For the first time ever, Norway’s foreign ministry has named more women than men to head the country’s embassies and general consulates around the world.

Why Mentors Matter

Woman Up! proudly sponsored National Journal’s “Women 2020” conference in Washington, DC on July 18th. Here are some video highlights from panelists and attendees, discussing mentorship.

Freedom Feminism

Christina Hoff Sommers demonstrates that a new philosophy of “freedom feminism”—in which women are free to employ their equal status to pursue happiness in their own distinctive ways—holds the key to a feminist renaissance.