French stores accused of imposing ‘woman tax’

France’s finance ministry has ordered an inquiry into why female shoppers are paying more than male consumers for apparently identical products. Shampoos, deodorants, razors and other goods marketed as “feminine” are subject to what a French women’s rights group says is an “invisible tax” making them pricier. After launching a petition that has attracted 30,000 […]

At Least 13 New Female Faces in Congress Next Year

Congress will welcome at least 13 new female Members next January.  More importantly, there is parity between liberal and conservative women elected.  There were 7 liberal women elected and 6 conservatives.  If Martha McSally holds on to her slim lead in AZ-02, then there will be an equal number of women elected from both sides […]

Democrat Women in Congress Outnumber GOP Women 3-1

Political Parity, a nonpartisan organization striving for women parity in elected office, notes that Democrat women in Congress currently outnumber their GOP counterparts by a 3-1 margin. Interestingly, just 30 years ago, the breakdown was equal.  During President Reagan’s second term, 25 women served in Congress; 13 Republicans and 12 Democrats.  Today, there are 99 […]

Saudi Arabia to Women – You Better Not Drive

Saudi Arabia is warning women in their country not to protest the ban on female drivers. In a statement released by the Interior Ministry for Saudi Arabia, Saudi officials warned that they would punish women who attempt to drive in their country as well as the men who allowed them to do so. “Female drivers […]

Lots of talk but little walk regarding women’s rights around the world

Well-meaning rhetoric on women’s rights is not being matched by meaningful action, with girls suffering the “double jeopardy” of being young and female, according to a new report written about in the UK’s Independent. The world is failing to deliver on gender equality, says the study by children’s charity Plan UK. There is no country […]

UN: Film Industry Perpetuates Discrimination Against Women

Women have less than one-third of all speaking roles in film and are largely absent from powerful positions, according to a United Nations-backed survey which argues for the involvement of more female film-makers in the industry, and for greater sensitivity to gender imbalance on screen. “The first-ever global study of female characters in popular films, […]

Today in Women’s History: LPGA was formed

65 years ago (1949) – The Ladies Professional Golf Association of America was formed.

Truancy, failing tests linked to more sex, less condom use in teenage girls

What do skipping school, failing tests and engaging in risky sexual behavior have in common? Lots, according to Indiana University researchers who combed through 80,000 diary entries written by 14- to 17-year-old girls. Published in the Journal of Adolescent Health, the findings are based on a 10-year study of the development of 387 teenage girls’ […]

Refocusing the war on women where it rightly belongs

Carol Brown writes a must-read blog post over at American Thinker. The left is onto something. And with a little tweaking, we might all find common ground. Since “War on Women” is now a recognized brand, I suggest we adopt it and refocus it where it rightly belongs. In this way we can advance our […]

5 women named to Japan’s Cabinet

Japan’s prime minister picked five women for his Cabinet on Wednesday, matching the past record. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe reiterated Wednesday that a key part of his “Abenomics” growth strategy is making greater use of women and promoting them to leadership posts — a campaign dubbed “womenomics,” a term he has embraced. Abe has set […]