Panel: Hey America! Don’t take this road!

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Date(s) - Aug 27 - Aug 30
12:00 am

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The Europeanization of the United States

  • AECR Council Member Ragnheiður Elín Árnadóttir MP (Iceland)
  • Baroness Warsi, Sayeeda, Chairman of the British Conservative Party and Minister (UK)
  • Beth Halteman Harwell, Speaker of the House, Tennessee House of Representatives

The present economic crisis has led to a wave of pessimism for the future of the Eurozone. Greece, Spain, Italy and now even France are facing serious debt problems while their economies flounder. Various economists predict doom for Europe. We hear threats of international chaos or a power shift to other continents. The international system of free trade and security built by the United States and Europe in the 20th century is under pressure. If the West falters, the future will look bleak, indeed. Traditionally, the U.S has maintained a culture of encouraging and rewarding ambition, risk-taking and hard work. This culture is being threatened by a mediocre public education system and by public spending approaching European levels. How does the U.S> avoid going down the same road as Europe?

Panel Focus:

  • Moderator will ask panelists for brief overview of how Europe got into the crisis. What policies enabled such financial instability?
  • Does the entrepreneur exist at all in Europe?
  • What barriers do small business owners face? What could Europe do to encourage people to take a risk and open or expand a business?
  • We see talk of massive increases in taxation throughout Europe. What will that lead to? Are real reforms being put in place to moderate the high amounts of government spending? Will Europeans accept those measures?
  • Would Europe be better off adopting America’s entrepreneurial spirit?
  • What major steps should the U.S. take to avoid heading down the road that led to the Eurocrisis?
  • Are international events beyond the West playing a role in the economic downturn for the West?