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Most in U.S. are proud to be an American

As we move into the 4th of July holiday weekend, a new Gallup survey shows a slight majority (54%) of those in the U.S. are extremely proud to be an American.  That 54% figure is lower than the high of 70% in 2003, which was likely due to the surge of patriotism post 9/11.  Gallup has asked this question regularly since 2001.

According to Gallup, older Americans, Southerners and Republicans lead the nation in “Extreme Pride.”

“While most Americans are proud to be an American, certain groups are especially likely to say they are extremely proud. “Extreme pride” rises for each succeeding age group, from a low of 43% among those under 30 to a high of 64% among senior citizens.

“Extreme pride also varies regionally, from a high of 61% in the South to a low of 46% in the West.

“Sixty-eight percent of Republicans say they are extremely proud to be an American, much higher than the 47% of Democrats who say the same. As usual, independents are in the middle, at 53%.”