Focus Group Report: “Losing the American Dream”

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — Middle-class Americans around the nation are experiencing the effects of a weakened economy. And no one feels it more than middle-class women. These women are much more likely to understand the devastation of wage stagnation as they deal with the rising cost of everyday life such as groceries, gas and utility bills. With […]

National Female Survey Results

Washington, DC – A new national poll released today by the conservative policy-advocacy group Woman Up! shows once again that our conservative message should move beyond simply debt and deficit reduction, and should focus on growing the economy and creating jobs. The center-right movement should also continue the offensive against Obamacare – 72% of respondents are worried […]

National Survey Results: Americans concerned most with jobs and the economy

Washington, DC – A new national poll released today by the conservative policy-advocacy group Woman Up! shows Americans believe the country is at an economic crossroads and remain most concerned with jobs and the economy – nearly twice as much when compared to other priorities.  Moreover, focusing on family pocketbook issues like soaring energy costs and the impact […]

Swing Female Dial Groups, Las Vegas and Philadelphia Suburbs

Activity The YG Network’s “YG Woman Up!” conducted focus groups in Las Vegas and suburban Philadelphia to identify and understand the issues of most concern to independent women. Purpose As part of the YG Woman Up! effort, we wanted to identify and understand the issues of most concern to independent women. Explanation YGW Up seeks to find the most effective […]

Poll: Women’s Views on the Affordable Care Act

Activity YG Woman Up! analyzed national YG Policy Center poll about the public’s view on the Affordable Care Act and a variety of other health care issues facing America. Purpose In advance of ObamaCare’s two-year anniversary, the YG Network not only wanted to build a case for the policy concerns regarding implementation of this law, but also communicate that many […]

Women’s Views On The Affordable Health Care Act

To: Interested Parties from YG Network Date: March 20, 2012 Re: Women’s Views on the Affordable Health Care Act   In conjunction with the two-year anniversary of President Obama’s signature health care law, a new poll was conducted by the YG Policy Center of 1000 registered voters focused on health care reform. The poll was conducted to gather […]