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National Survey Results: Americans concerned most with jobs and the economy

Washington, DC – A new national poll released today by the conservative policy-advocacy group Woman Up! shows Americans believe the country is at an economic crossroads and remain most concerned with jobs and the economy – nearly twice as much when compared to other priorities.  Moreover, focusing on family pocketbook issues like soaring energy costs and the impact of Obamacare on out-of-pocket expenses garnered broad support.  The survey also touches on immigration and education reform policy options. 

Survey Summary:


  • Out of issues tested that are currently facing the country, female respondents are most concerned with “energy prices” (85%), “government spending” (87%) and “taxes” (82%). It is important to note that intensity of concern is higher for “government spending” than “taxes” and  “energy prices” – 49% “very concerned,” 40% “very concerned” to 38% “very concerned,” respectively.

On The Economy:

  • Three in four female respondents (74%) believe America stands at an economic crossroads that require us to make tough choices today to avert a crisis, while only 20% say we are generally on the right path.

On Education Reform: 

  • Nearly nine in ten (87%) women favor providing parents a full breakdown of college tuition costs, including 66% who “strongly favor” this proposal.
  • In addition, 85% of women surveyed favor providing prospective college students with reliable information such as employment rate and potential earnings.

On Energy: 

  • Energy prices, including gas, are an important pocketbook issue, with almost nine in ten (88%) women responding that it’s hurting their personal finances. Including a healthy majority (55%) of women responding it’s hurting their personal finances a lot.
  • More than four in five (83%) of women agree that “It is possible for the United States to focus on energy production and environmental protection at the same time,” including 53% who strongly agree.

 On Spending:

  • When respondents were presented with the largest items in the federal budget to cut, welfare programs (47%) far outweighed military(28%), Social Security(8%) and Medicare(6%) amongst women


  • Ideology – 30% Liberal, 31% Moderate, 36% Conservative


Methodology: This national survey of 530 likely 2014 general election female voters was conducted from March 4th to March 7th, 2013.  Interview selection was random within predetermined election units. 372 interviews were conducted via landline telephone by professional interviewers. To increase coverage, this landline sample was supplemented with 158 interviews of cell-phone only users reached via the internet. These samples were then combined and structured to correlate with actual voter turnout in a nationwide general election. This poll of 530 likely general election female voters has an accuracy of +/- 4.3% at a 95% confidence interval.