Supporting Conservative Women

The YG Network was one of the few groups to create an advertising campaign specifically tailored to support conservative women. In mid-October, as part of a half-million dollar effort, the YG Network released digital advertisements entitled “Fight for Us,” which targeted women and supported five conservative candidates that YG supported.

It is essential for conservatives to communicate to a diverse audience and directly challenge false assertions made by the left to scare specific groups of voters.

Sample script: ANNOUNCER (Female voice over): They keep talking about a “war on women…” But it’s their policies that’ve left young women struggling and working harder for less. 5 million women are unemployed… and since President Obama took office, 400,000 have lost their jobs. Kristi Noem knows how hard we have to work. When her father died in a tragic accident, she took over the family farm. Named South Dakota’s Outstanding Young Farmer she’s also a businesswoman and a mom. In the real war on women, we need Kristi Noem fighting for us. Vote for Kristi.

We released a version of this ad on behalf of:


Rep. Kristi Noem

Rep. Kristi Noem was one of the most popular members of the 2010 Freshman class, and served as class liaison to the House Leadership Team. A rancher, a businesswoman, and a mom, Noem is a real Renaissance woman, and was elected to the South Dakota State House in 2006 and defeated former rising star Stephanie Herseth Sandlin in 2010 by 3 points. Noem’s strong performance as a Freshman House Member expanded her election-victory margin to 15 points in 2012.



Jackie Walorski

As an Indiana State Representative, Jackie Walorski fought to keep taxes low and to eliminate wasteful spending. Walorski also prioritized expanding higher education opportunities and founded an international relief agency to help impoverished children. She gained a lot of attention in 2010, running a strong campaign against then Congressman (and current Senator-elect) Joe Donnelly, falling just 2,500 votes short of victory. Walorski would not be deterred again, and on election-day defeated Brendan Mullen 49-47% despite a disappointing Senate campaign threatening the political environment at the time.



Rep. Nan Hayworth

Congresswoman Nan Hayworth was a strong member, ally and an effective voice and advocate for women in the conservative movement. Unfortunately, Rep. Hayworth faced a tougher re-election bid in part because of redistricting, in part because of the challenges posed by New York, and because she was a top target of the Democrats and their allies. For instance, the House Democratic Super PAC (House Majority PAC), AFSME, and SEIU groups spent more than $2 million alone against Rep. Hayworth. Though YG did not play a primary role in this race, we knew that she faced an uphill climb and wanted to layer on top of the work that some of the other outside organizations had spent months doing. Despite a Siena Poll in Mid October that showed Rep. Hayworth leading her opponent Sean Maloney 49-42%, the lack of a competitive Presidential campaign, a blowout Senate race, and a tour through the state by President Bill Clinton – who campaigned for Maloney in the closing week of the campaign – created a tide that many conservative candidates in New York were unable to overcome. On election day, Maloney defeated Hayworth 51-48%.



Martha McSally

Martha McSally was one of the most impressive candidates of the cycle. She is a pioneer – the first female fighter pilot to fly in combat and first to command a fighter squadron in combat in United States history. A graduate of the United States Air Force Academy and the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard, McSally flew her first combat mission into Iraq to enforce the United Nations’ “no-fly zone” in 1995. She retired as a command pilot over a decade later with more than 2,600 flight hours, including more than 325 combat hours. McSally has stood up for rights of women in our military and overseas and will remain a prominent voice for years to come.



Mia Love

Mia Love became one of the most recognizable names in this election cycle. She inspired millions of Americans with her primetime convention speech, but was narrowly defeated by Rep. Jim Matheson by roughly 1 percentage point. One of the main reasons for Love’s defeat was that she won just 27 percent of the Hispanic vote compared to 71 percent for Matheson. The mayor of Sarasota Springs, Utah, Mia Love will no doubt remain a prominent conservative voice for years to come.