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The Middle Class Needs Help Now

YG Network founder, John Murray, writes in Huffington Post that despite President Obama’s recent attempts to convince Americans he has turned our economy around, the truth is very different for middle-class families.

America’s middle class “has seen its average income decline to $62,464 from $65,672. More than half of this decline has occurred since the recovery officially began in the second quarter of 2009,” while “[u]nder the Obama administration, the median income of women has fallen more during the recovery than it did during the recession, an unprecedented economic failure in postwar America.”

The analysis also reveals that the “real median income for African-American households has fallen by 9.5%, more than any other major census classification,” while the incomes of Hispanic Americans have plummeted as well, declining every year since 2008 to a point lower than at any time since the Carter Administration.