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Where’s the Outrage of ISIS Torture of Women?

For months, ISIS has terrorized women in Iraq and Syria, where sexual violence is used as a weapon of war. Specifically, ISIS militants have been raping Christian Yazidi women and girls with the expressed intention of impregnating them to break their ancient Aryan bloodline. Up to 1,000 Yazidi women in Northern Iraq were recently kidnapped, tortured, held as sex slaves, and murdered by ISIS fighters.

The suffering caused by the sexual violence inflicted on women and girls does not end even if they are released. In that shame-based culture, they forever carry the marks of shame, and any children borne from the rapes or forced marriages will never live freely.

Read the entire opinion piece co-authored by Dr. Elise Collins Shields and Jill Koyama, Ph. D. in the Huffington Post.