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Women Leaders Afraid to be seen as Bossy

Almost half of those attending last week’s Network of Executive Women Executive Leaders Forum say women are afraid to be seen as “bossy.” More than 200 leaders in the mostly female audience shared their opinions at a live Town Hall polling event, July 30 in Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif.

Asked why “women are reluctant to embrace power,” 49 percent answered “afraid to be seen as ‘bossy'”; 26 percent said “lack of role models”; and 16 percent said women are “not brought up to be leaders.”

Asked how confident they were at work, 44 percent said “very confident,” 32 percent answered “somewhat confident” and 24 percent said “not as confident as I could be.”

“Power is usually taken by the bold,” according to half (51 percent) of poll participants. Twenty-eight percent said power was “usually given to the well connected.” Only 21 percent said it was “earned through hard work.”