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Wooing women into manufacturing

A study from Deloitte and the Manufacturing Institute cited the perception of a male-favoured culture as a key driver of women’s under representation in the industry. It is a widely held notion that gender bias has spread its roots in the industry since time immemorial and now it is so strong that women are excluded from managerial and senior management roles leading to a stagnant growth of women in the industry.

The common perception of women towards manufacturing is that it is a labour-intensive job, not so flexible in terms of timing as newer concepts like work from home/flexi time do not exist, and ultimately result in poor work–life balance. Also, manufacturing is not a very attractive field for young women as they believe that the surroundings in manufacturing facilities are untidy and unclean.

Today, however, the scenario is undergoing a radical change with several manufacturing companies encouraging women to be a part of their team. They already have/plan to have women in departments such as quality, WCM, material planning, production, industrial engineering. –